Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Minefields by Steven C. Eisner Review

Title: The Minefields
Author: Steven C. Eisner
Genre: Fiction, Mad Med-esque
Page Count: 320 pages
Publish Date: January 25, 2012
Book Type: Provided for review
Publisher: When Words Count Publishing
ISBN: 9781937836023

From Goodreads: From an early age, Sam Spiegel single-mindedly pursued an entrepreneurial path that prepared him to transform a small-time ad agency into a regional powerhouse with national ambitions. A couple decades later, Sam had achieved almost everything he ever dreamed possible as the ad agency's rainmaker, fountainhead, and unflappable pursuer of success. One final goal remained: To consolidate his gains by attracting an international advertising conglomerate and cash out. That's when the nation is hit with the most unthinkable tragedy, and Sam begins to take stock of his own life, finding that he is growing weary of the relentless hunt. Unsatisfied in his marriage and embroiled in a mind-boggling professional crisis, everything Sam had achieved is put at risk.

My Review: This is such a cool cover. Very appropriate for a book depicting the advertising business. The pop of color is nice, but it is really the man in a business suit on the tightrope that draws me in.

The narrator of this book has a very conversational tone, which works for the story, since it is essentially the story of his life. The language can get a bit business-y at times, but overall it was a pretty enjoyable reading experience.

It’s not too often when you can read a book that follows the main character’s life from teens throughout adulthood. It was nice to be able to watch Sam grow and go through the ups and downs in his life.

I think fans of “Mad Men” will really enjoy this one!

Here is an excerpt!
My real goal was to find the overseeing emergency room doctor to get a report on Dad’s condition and to figure out a plan. As I suspected, many of Harry’s vitals had shut down. His lungs were filling with water.
Thanks to Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc. and Media Muscle for this review copy! 

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