Friday, April 6, 2012

Chris Keller: The Ultimate Returning Character on One Tree Hill

The ninth, and final, season of One Tree Hill brought back many characters from the past--Chris Keller, Dan Scott, Lucas, and Bevin to name a few. The ultimate returning character for me had to be Chris Keller!
Chris Keller was attached to so many of the story lines and really brought something fun to the show. Not to mention, he wore some awesome glasses. We last saw him in Season 4 when the cast went to Honey Grove, Texas to rescue Mouth from jail and crash a prom.
His arrival in Season 9 was definitely a welcome one. His friendship with Chase was always brilliant--especially when Chris Keller slaps Chase in the final episode. ;) The team of Chris Keller, Dan, and Julian was also a brilliant one. I was dying every moment they were on screen together.
I love how in Season 9 we got to see that Chris Keller is actually a good person. Sure, he’s crazy and conceited, but awesome. I can’t wait to watch his scenes over and over again on DVD!
You can buy Season 9 on DVD and Ultraviolet on 4/10! I can’t wait.

Who was your favorite returning character in Season 9?
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