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Hobin Luckyfeller's Fieldguide: Demoni Vankil by Jaime Buckley Review

Title: Hobin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguide: Demoni Vankil
Author: Jaime Buckley
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Page Count: 86 pages, 198 KB
Publish Date: September 21, 2011
Book Type: Ebook provided for review
Publisher: On the Fly Publications
ISBN: 9781614630067
Picture from Amazon
From Goodreads: An ancient puzzle box. 
Fourteen mysterious letters. 
A Council of Whispers. 
…and a clerk. 
Discover the 700 year old secret millions died to protect.
My Review: I love the font used for “Demoni Vankil.” It looks like it is scratched into the book. I also like how it looks like a leather bound book. Am I the only one who wishes that books were still made that way--with the fancy ribbon bookmark? Yeah? Probably.
I read Prelude to a Hero back in June and was very happy to be brought back into the world with Hobin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguide: Demoni Vankil. Although the characters were different, they were just as charming and I connected with them instantly. This book is set after Prelude to a Hero and is looking back on the events that happened before, during and after.  
Hobin Luckyfeller discovered a series of 14 letters that date back 700 years. During those 700 years, the accuracy of the events have gotten a little muddy and Hobin is delighted to be able to get a glimpse into the past (as was I).
Hobin was a great lead character. I loved trying to figure out the mystery and going through Eamon’s letters with him. After reading each letter, Hobin would share his thoughts and questions--I was pleased to see that I shared a lot of those thoughts and questions with him! 
I loved how each of the characters had distinct personalities. I felt like I really got to know Eamon through his letters and was racing through the book to see how his story ended. I’m fairly certain that I read this in one sitting if that is telling you anything.
This book has all of the qualities of a great mystery and a great fantasy molded together into a wonderful story. As a mystery and fantasy junkie, I couldn’t be more thrilled that those genres were combined!

Also, be sure to check out the website. A great resource for information on the series!
Thanks to Jaime Buckley for this review copy--I can’t wait to venture into this world again!


  1. YAYYYY!!! Read the review to the family and you got cheers throughout the house!

    Thank you for reading the story Kaitlyn, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. =)

  2. How adorable! I love when authors are clever enough to break that imaginary "fourth wall" and make a book about a book about a story about a book...and so on! And yes, that cover is definitely gorgeous, even with the surprised happy face!


  3. Thanks Lori (smile). I promise you one thing...EVERYone will finally understand WHY there is a smiley face on each of the books, once the next novel is released.

    Then everyone will be smiling themselves as they say "Ohhhhhhhhh, ......that makes sense!"

    It's going to be fun to read those realizations, too. So glad you liked the story Lori & thanks for the comment, made me grin.



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