Friday, May 27, 2011

Armchair BEA: Blogging about Blogging

I am by no means a blogging expert (clearly). So for today's Armchair BEA writing prompt, I'm just going to discuss some of the things I have learned while blogging. Please, please add some of your own tips and tricks in the comments--I would love to learn more!

1) When commenting on other blogs, please don't just leave a link to your blog. If you're going to link to your blog (which I love looking at), leave a meaningful comment as well! There is nothing better than looking in your comments section to find a very thought out comment. It doesn't need to be a book, but it's nice to know that you actually read the post. 
2) I don't really like just link-for-link promotion. Sure, I love getting more followers, but I would rather my followers actually be interested in what I am saying.
3) Only blog what you feel like blogging. Don't review books just because they were pitched to you. Don't participate in memes just because everyone else is. You're unique, so your blog should be unique to you!
4) If you're not a schedule person, you don't have to have your posts scheduled a month in advance. Do whatever feels comfortable to you.
5) Really utilize the social media aspect of blogging. Make genuine contacts with other book bloggers. Don't force it, but put in some effort. You can find some very fascinating people doing this. Plus, you never know when that contact could be beneficial in the future. That book blogger you know from Nevada? They could know someone who is looking for [insert job of choice here] and tell you about it. 

In addition to this somewhat useful post, I would like to thank all of the organizers of Armchair BEA! It has been such a blast. I've loved looking at all of the featured posts of the day and the Twitter parties were insane. I met so many fabulous people and I hope to keep in contact with them. Also, if you've joined me in Bookland because of Armchair BEA, thank you! I hope you stick around and like what you see.

Please, please, pleaseeee share your tips with me! What do you look for when you're looking for blogs to follow? What is the best advice you have ever been given? Let me know!


  1. Nice post! I'm not a blogging expert either, but couldn't agree more with your tips!

    The main thing I look for when following a new blog is someone with similar taste in authors. I do follow other blogs if I like their posts, but that's the main decider.

  2. Good list. I totally agree with blogging what you feel like blogging.

  3. Very well put! Thanks for visiting me this week.

  4. That #1 thing is one of greatest pet peeves when people comment---just saying great "whatever" here is mine! Don't comment just to drive traffic to your blog--it just doesn't work in the long run :)

    I also had a blast this week--it was so much fun :) I have read so many good articles that it was such a learning experience all around!

  5. @Alexia561

    I always try to find people with similar taste in authors as well. I usually know if I like similar authors, I can try a new one which that blogger suggests without worry.


  6. @Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    Completely agree! I know sometimes I don't have the time to type out a super long comment and I want to let the blogger know I stopped by. When this happens I usually say something brief, but with enough info to let them know I read the post. Thanks for visiting!

  7. I love getting links to other blogs. It's so much easier than trying to find out that persons details from the GFC box. But if the person is visiting me only to network themselves I think I'd feel a bit used.

    I haven't really had this problem yet. But I did see this kind of networking one day when I was stalking the blogs. Each blog I visited had a comment from a blogger who clearly copied and pasted their networking info onto each blog.

    And that's fine, BUT the comments were generic and didn't even apply to half the posts they left them on. It reminded me a little of spam.

    Granted, I'm not the greatest networker myself. I've never left my link in a comment or suggested someone check out my review of the same book. (I think I'd be devastated if they stopped by because of that and hated my site or review!)

    I do find it interesting that the bookish community has become so social. Reading books has been such a personal thing - a one-on-one relationship with the book. Now it's a huge community and has required us slightly introverted types to really be social.

    But it is such an amazing community to be a part of!

    And I'm still laughing about that scheduling posts a month in advance. I'm lucky to have one scheduled for tonight! (I would love to have 30 days of posts scheduled, however.)

    Great post. I do totally agree with all your points above! And I will try not to pressure myself into the memes.

    Happy Friday!

  8. Oh em gee. Sorry for the long comment! I thought I edited 90% out of it!

  9. @Fiktshun

    No problem, I love your long comments! I love getting links to other blogs as well--as long as that isn't ALL it is. It's just like I think publishers/authors can tell when bloggers cut and paste an ARC request (or vice versa with a review request)--other bloggers can tell when you simply post a generic comment.

    I usually only link to my post for memes (like IMM) or for events like this. I've never posted a link on a review to my review of the same book. I'm way too scared to do that haha.

    At least social media allows more introverted types to be social without nearly all of the pressure. Much easier to put yourself out there online.

    A little bit ago I had 20 posts scheduled---I don't know how it happened! Now I have like no posts haha.

    Happy Friday to you as well!

  10. Excellent post. I agree about comments. Don't just leave a link. Read the post and put some substance into it.

    What I'm looking for in blogs ... reviews that don't spoil books for me. I like ratings (0-5 stars or whatever) for a quick glance. (Some books, like Divergent are reviewed so frequently now that I prefer to just look at the ratings, because reading too many reviews makes it too easy for me to figure out the book while reading later.) I prefer shorter reviews, simply for lack of time to read lengthy ones.

    I actually enjoy the memes that are teasers/excerpts from books. Those are fun. I like getting a look farther inside than I'd look at the book store. Some of those lines have been enough to compel me to make sure to read a book!

    I rarely schedule posts. And when I do it's no more than a couple of days in advance. And 9 times out of 10, it's because I have a date on which I need to post a specific review (for a tour), and I can't post it before that. June will be interesting for me, as I'm hoping to schedule most of my Authors from A to Z posts in advance.

  11. Great post! Thanks for commenting on mine. You make some great points. I mean to pre schedule my posts but it never works out that way for me. Maybe one day.

  12. I agree with all of the tips that you posted! Again, I'm so glad I met you through ArmchairBEA and I look forward to reading your future posts.

  13. @ham1299

    Thanks so much!

    I like reviews that don't spoil things as well. If I'm posting something that I think is a spoiler, I always try to mark it as such. I always think about rating books, but I have such a hard time with it. I can rate two different books a 3, but I can have such different opinions about them. It's really hard for me. That does make sense about the frequently reviewed books though. Something to think about.

    I'll also have to think about joining "Teaser Tuesday" or something similar. It is fun getting a look inside the books.

    Yeah, I really only schedule posts when I want them on a specific date (i.e. review books). I have run into times where things have come up and I couldn't post. I wish I had scheduled posts then.

    Thanks for visiting and I want to check out your Authors from A to Z posts!

  14. @Callista

    Thanks! I completely understand. There was one time where I had like 13 post scheduled. It hasn't happened since! It was nice to have them scheduled like that, but it also made me feel a bit disconnected.

  15. @Chachic

    I'm super glad I met you as well! I'm definitely going to be reading your posts. You're on my Google Reader :)

  16. Yes, I mark my spoilers, too. I even take it a step further and make it so you can't accidentally read it. (I make the text white, so you can't see it on my background, and the reader has to highlight it to read it.)

    You know, if ratings don't work for you, don't do them. Do what works for you. Some people like the ratings, some people don't. Some people can go either way. When writing, I like to use them because they help me to categorize them in my own mind. When reading, I like them because I don't usually read reviews of books I haven't read - except to see the bottom line, meaning whether it was good or not. I have found the details in even shorter reviews often lead me to figure things out sooner once I finally do read a book. once I have read a book, though, I often read other reviews – especially if they're for books I either loved or hated!

    I have had times I've wished I scheduled posts, too. I have to remind myself that this is a hobby, and it's OK to let it sit untouched for a little while. Life happens, and most of the time it's much more important than anything going on with my blog, ya know?

    Definitely come by for my Authors from A to Z posts. I am lining up several (or at least it feels like several) guest posts from some of my favorite authors! I'm EXCITED! :-)

  17. Great post! I SO agree about not commenting with just a link, and also about not reviewing books just because they were pitched to you. Sometimes I feel like "who am I to say no to this book?" ...and then I start to think about the review I already know I'll be writing, and it gives me the courage to say "No, thank you."

    One thing I look for when I'm looking for blogs to follow is a nice layout and the general look of the posts. This is completely personal (and I know it's kind of like judging a book by its cover) but I feel like someone who puts effort into making their blog's layout look nice, and formatting posts and reviews to look nice (breaks between paragraphs and such), really cares about what they are doing, and will care about content, too. This isn't always the case, but it's definitely something I look for.

  18. @ham1299

    Oh, smart idea about making them so people have to highlight to read. I will keep that in mind for future reviews that I just can't help discussing something spoiler-y.

    I agree with you about the review thing. I generally only skim them for books I haven't read yet. I like to form my own opinions and if I have something in my mind from reviews I have read, it can influence that. After I read a book, I'm with you as well. I LOVE to read reviews of books I have either loved or hated.

    I have to remember that it's okay not to blog as well. It's hard sometimes.

    I will stop by! Thanks for the visits :)

  19. @Penelope Lolohea

    I have to develop a little bit of tougher skin when it comes to review books. I just need to remember that I have a life outside of reading/blogging as well.

    It's completely okay to judge a blog (at least somewhat) by it's layout, etc. If you're going to be spending time at a blog reading posts, it would be nice if it is aesthetically pleasing as well. I need to work on my layout.

    Thanks for visiting!


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