Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eat Well and Be Fabulous by Shelly Marie Review

This is going to be a quickie review as it's not a fiction book!
Title: Eat Well and Be Fabulous: A Guide for the Modern-Day Woman
Author: Shelly A. Marie
You can purchase the book here.
Description: Not your traditional, bland diet book, this is a trend-setting, real-world guide for all women who want to feel and look sensational.
Following four lifestyles:
  1. A modern-day co-ed,
  2. A sorority leader,
  3. An intern,
  4. A professional;
This book is a celebration for all sophisticated, modern women to toast to eating well and feeling phenomenal!  Snubbing the ‘Fun-Vacuums,’ dreadful rules of counting calories, avoiding foods, weighing weekly, and scare tactics, Eat Well and Be Fabulous divulges the simple, savvy fashion of eating for zest.  Behind all the sizzle and sass, this book offers concrete direction on healthy eating and creating your individual plan to ‘shine from the inside out!’  Written by a dietitian, this book is a must read for all women, from co-eds to professionals, who want to ‘Radiate Fabulousness!’
Learn the secrets of being fabulous!
My Review: Eat Well and Be Fabulous: A Guide for the Modern-Day Woman is tremendous and provides you with amazing recipes (even for the cooking challenged!). Whether you are in a hurry or hanging around the house, these recipes will work for you. You get to know four women and follow them on a journey to better lifestyles. You feel like these ladies are people just like you and your best friends.  This is NOT a diet book—it is a book to encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Shelly is not at all a fan of diets and we all know that they don’t work! Shelly has a way of really connecting with the readers.
I know once I hit the grocery store, I usually get overwhelmed and I’m not really sure what is best to buy.  With the help of this book, shopping lists are much easier to make.  Whether it is the “Decadent Dairies” or the “Vivacious Vegetables” I go for, I know that I’ll have a list of what is best for me.  Some of the recipes I am dying to try are the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap (hummus, chicken, red peppers and spinach all in a wrap-YUM!), the Peanut Butter Shake (milk, peanut butter, and banana-how could you go wrong?), and the Spinach Quesadilla (mozzarella cheese, spinach and salsa!).
What are some of your favorite "healthy" recipes? I'm always looking for something new and yummy to try. Dark chocolate and peanut butter are totally healthy, right?


  1. Great review! I need a food book for our Branching Out challenge on Reading Lark, and I just haven't seen one I want to read until now. I'm adding this one to my TBR pile. Thanks!

  2. @Tevya

    Thank you! It's a nice quick read. Another one I really liked (although not strictly food) was "Freakin' Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Act, Eat, Sleep, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better Than Everyone Else" by Clinton Kelly (from What Not to Wear).

    He's so funny!


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