Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Capitol Couture

Some friends of mine shared this Tumblr profile on Facebook and I instantly knew I had to share it with all of you. The Hunger Games is slowly approaching and hopefully this will fill the void until the movie comes out. Don't forget to start thinking of "Hunger Games MASH" answers too!

I present, the brilliantly named, Capitol Couture. So amazing.

Does Effie look perfect or what? You can also catch a glimpse of Katniss and Peeta on the Tumblr page, so be sure to check it out. How many days until the movie releases?


  1. OMMMGGGGGOSH!!! I cannot wait until this movie comes out! We neeeeed to plan on seeing this together.

  2. Ooh, pretty! She really does look the part.

    Why can't this movie be out NOW????


  3. @Becky We need to come up with a Hunger Games cocktail. Also, "Cause I'm going to make a Mockingjay, Becky." :-|

    @Lori I love Effie's look! I cannot wait for this movie. :)


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