Monday, November 14, 2011

Analysis: The Hunger Games Official Trailer

Okay, so I know everyone and their mother is talking about this, but... I just have to! So if you haven't seen I'll wait.

Done? Wow. Just let it soak in there. Here we go...
  • District 12 looks legit. A little bit green, but nice and run down.
  • The Capitol hovercraft. Does this mean we'll get to see Avox girl even though we only heard about it after in the books?
  • I kind of enjoy how all of the kids are dressed in a similar color palette. 
  • Effie! I love you. I love how desperate you look and your voice, your voice is brilliant.
  • Katniss and Prim together. Breaks my heart.
  • Effie swirling her hand around to choose the slip of paper. Amazing.
  • When Katniss volunteers for Prim and her voice cracks on the first declaration. I die.
  • Gale carrying Prim away. I enjoy this little girl. She's good.
  • Peeta just looks so depressed at the Reaping. And we all know why (no, it's not only because he was just called to his death).
  • Cinna. I thought I would hate you. I actually kind of dig you. Good on you.
  • hahaha oh Caesar. I can't wait to see more of you.
  • Oh hey tiny people on fire in the viewfinder. I wonder who you are.
  • Rue. You're just so....tiny.
  • I see you, Cato.
  • Senaca Crane! Nice facial hair, dude. You're what the Capitol is all about.
  • Haymitch, even though you have kind of stupid hair. You're mine. I can't wait to see the parts of the movie where you are a bit more drunk.
  • You shoot that arrow, Katniss.
  • Katniss and Peeta's talk. <3 Josh, I believed in you all along.
  • I'll miss you, Madge, but I like Prim giving Katniss the Mockingjay.
  • THE SALUTE. *dies*
  • This countdown. So intense.
  • All of the people standing in the square watching the games. Could you imagine that?
  • Action! Action! Run! Backpack! Ahhhh!
You guys. I'm in love. Please, please share your thoughts! I want to discuss. Right now.


  1. Holy cow, yes! I'm psyched for this. Effie looks and sounds so creepy (which is always how I imagined her)! Also, I will miss Madge, but I can see why they cut her out.

  2. Great trailer. I can't wait for the movie!!

  3. @Meredith

    I always imagined Effie like that as well! Love. I did actually really like Madge in the books and am kind of sad to not have her (especially with Catching Fire and her delivering the medicine, etc.), but I get it. I'm just so excited for the movie!

  4. @Kathy S

    I'm so excited! This trailer totally did its job and pumped me up.


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