Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW: Interview with Heather from Buried in Books

Hi everyone! Today, as a part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I have an interview with Heather of Buried in Books for you!

Kaitlyn: What book genres are your favorites? Do you have a favorite author?
Heather: I read Middle Grade and Young Adult books.  I don't have a preference but I can say I don't care for dystopians (though I loved Divergent) don't like Zombies and don't like Sci-Fi, unless you call Across the Universe Sci-Fi b/c I love that! My favorite author changes every time I read a new book.  I love Melissa Marr, Julie Kagawa, Beth Revis, Kady Cross, JL Bryan, Maureen Johnson, John Green, Kirsty Eagar I could go on and on.
K: I love how different we are. I'm in love with dystopians. :)

K:Why did you start blogging?
H: We had just moved to a new state and I didn't know anyone.  Before I volunteered a lot, but felt disinclined to do so there.  So I had been reading different types of blogs and thought I'd give it a shot. Besides the obvious of wanting someone to discuss books with, I wanted to find book recommendations from other bloggers.
K: My TBR shelves have never been so massive! Book bloggers sure do have some amazing recommendations.

K: What is your favorite part about blogging? Least favorite part?
H: My favorite part about blogging is the interaction with other bloggers and authors. My least favorite is writing reviews, especially of books I loved.  I feel like I'm not doing them justice b/c I'm all emotional about them.  And I never think my reviews are good.
K: I completely agree with you (minus the part about your reviews not being good--they are)! Rachel from Fiktshun and I thought of doing love letter reviews for books we absolutely adored. Sometimes all you want to do is gush about a book in a love letter!

K: What are the top 3 books you would suggest as must reads?
H: Dear Bully, it just came out and I think everyone needs to read it whether they were bullied or not.  Raw Blue, it's not available here in the US but it is written by the phenomenal Aussie writer Kirsty Eagar and it is incredible and I'll go with the River of Time Series, Waterfall, Cascade and Torrent.  It's a great time travel series with knights, and sword fights and the Dark Ages and romance and it's just such a great series!
K: I haven't read any of these, but I'll have to. Dear Bully and the River of Time series have been on my radar for awhile now.

K: I see on your blog that you do some writing and participate in NaNo. Are you working on a book currently and, if so, can you tell me a bit about it?
H: I am constantly working on the same book over and over.  There is a girl named Lilie, we know who her parents are and it was a big no-no for these two to get together and where they got together.  She's been passed around from family to family and like any child like that has no sense of belonging and doesn't trust anyone.  She stayed with one family a long time, seven years after they rescued her from a terrible situation and she thought she was with them to stay.  But one night she's told to pack she'll be leaving in the morning.  She arrives at a house called Sisters, broken, hurt, confused and that's where I am.  I know why she's there and all, but I don't want to give everything away.
K: Ohhh interesting! I would read it. 

K: Anything else you would like to share?
H: I think book bloggers are some of the most generous and friendly people on the planet.  There isn't one time when I've said I don't know how to do something that someone hasn't offered to help me.  I've made some great friends through blogging and I am so glad I started doing this.
K: You're right. Book bloggers are AMAZING.

K: Now some rapid fire questions: Dog-eared books or bookmarks?
H: Bookmarks
K: Hardcover, paperback, audiobook or e-book?
H: Hardcover or Paperback
K: Eat while reading or no food near your books?
H: No food, gets the pages dirty
K: Book or movie?
H: Book first
K: Fiction or nonfiction?
H: Fiction
K: Young Adult or Adult?
H: Young Adult

Thank you so much, Heather! It has been lovely getting to know you. :)


  1. Kaitlyn-

    Thanks for the interview! I loved your questions and I do love your blog! And I hope grad school is going great!


  2. I think all of us struggle with thinking our reviews are any good. Rest assured yours are wonderful!

    I'd love to get my hands on Raw Blue!

  3. Great interview! And I love the rapid-fire questions. I completely agree about the no food near books - although I don't mind the occasional snack while eReading. But never near a printed book.

    And I totally agree -

    "...My least favorite is writing reviews, especially of books I loved. I feel like I'm not doing them justice b/c I'm all emotional about them. And I never think my reviews are good."

    It's so much easier for me to write reviews for books I only liked or loved a little. but when a book blows my mind it takes forever to write a review. And then I think they're awful!

    And Kaitlyn - so funny that you mentioned the love letter reviews which YOU thought of first. I haven't written one in awhile but I think I'm going to write one for If I Die, even though I reviewed it months ago. Can't stop thinking about that book!

    It was nice to get to know Heather just a little bit! :)


    Thank you so much! Grad school is going swimmingly. Super busy, but worth it (I hope). A little under a year left for me, wooo!

  5. @Alyssa@Teens Read and Write

    I agree that I think most of us generally think our reviews aren't as good as they could be. Every once in awhile, I find that review (as I'm sure others do) that really stands out for me. Thanks for visiting!

  6. @Fiktshun

    Thanks, Rachel! I pretty much always eat while I'm reading (hm. and in hindsight, I read a lot...which means I probably eat a lot...). Usually it's just something like a fun size chocolate or something. I don't think I ever eat a "meal" while reading. Unless it's a school book and then I totally do homework while eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

    I also find it easier to write reviews for the "middle-ground" books, but it is fun to write the reviews for the ones I loved. The ones I didn't like are a bit harder for me because I don't want to sound rude/offensive.

    Yay for love letter reviews! I still need to write one.


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