Friday, July 22, 2011

Supernatural Sisterhood

In the television show, “Supernatural,” family and brotherhood is super important. The Winchester brothers fight demons and often their brotherhood saves their lives when things get dangerous. All this talk about brotherhood has made me think about my sorority and sisterhood. As you probably know by now, I have had the same best friend for about 20 years. She is the best friend anyone could have! After joining a sorority in college, I added a number of best friends into my life. 
We have helped each other move, deal with breakups, find jobs, and many, many other things. I really cannot imagine my college years (or life after college) without them. We may not have to deal with demons like the Winchester brothers do, but we sure have fought some other demons in our lives. Bad boyfriends, bad teachers, bad bosses...
Obviously I am not “best friends” with every one of my sisters. That is just not practical or logical. I can say that melding my “old friends” and “new sisters” went spectacularly. Whenever I hear negative stereotypes about sororities (whether I am watching a movie or reading a YA book), it makes me sad. I just feel that sometimes sororities and fraternities get a bad rep. Sometimes it is deserved, I am sure, but more often than not it probably isn’t. What they don’t usually show in the movies and books is how amazing girls in sororities can be. My sisters are amazing!
Do you have anyone in your family or group of friends that you would fight a demon for? I know I do.   
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