Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking at Things in a New Light

We’ve all had those moments where our perspective changes after looking at life moments in a new light. What specifically comes to mind for me, is when I am having a problem and seek out help from a friend. Sometimes all it takes is someone else to look at the situation for a solution to come to mind. They are obviously going to look at the situation in a different light because it doesn’t directly involve them. It amazes me how clouded, as human beings, our views can be. I’m sure you all have known someone who you thought was pretty much perfect. Then one day... or maybe gradually over time... you realize that they are, in fact, not perfect. You start to look at the situation a little differently and BAM, you realize how clouded you have been. It can be a completely jarring situation. Sometimes it is even really hard to handle. The only way to survive these moments is to look at them as a way for you to grow.
On the other hand, we can also think a situation is absolutely horrible and when we think about it differently, realize it isn’t so bad. This happens a lot with teenagers in YA books. Teenagers are generally highly emotional and think of a lot of things as “the end of the world.” Usually when they step back from the situation, they realize it isn’t so bad. Even though I am in my 20s, I have to remember this too.  
Many of our favorite characters in the books we love have had these perspective changing moments as well. They go through the whole book thinking one way and then they shift their perspective and everything changes. I’m talking about those sky opening up, ray of light moments where the characters can just go, “AHA!”
The moral of the story here: It’s always interesting to step back and look at things in a new light. I’m a firm believer in doing this every once in awhile with my life. Am I alone here... or do you guys do this as well?   

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