Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Entertainment Weekly: First Look at Peeta and Gale

So, we have our first look at Gale and Peeta in the upcoming issue of "Entertainment Weekly." Take a look!
Photo from Entertainment Weekly
Gale looks pretty good for me. I always imagined his hair a little scruffier/longer, but I can deal with it. I have been hearing middling thoughts on him, so I agree with most of those.

Now there is Peeta. I have been hearing an overwhelmingly negative consensus. I can't believe it! I actually think Josh makes a really good Peeta. As soon as they announced him, I was like, "Yes!" To me, his facial bone structure is PERFECT for Peeta. I have also been hearing that he looks too muscular in this picture. Um. Peeta is from one of the wealthier families in District 12. He has a bit more food than Gale ever has (even with Gale's hunting--he has all those siblings to feed!). Also, he was a wrestler and for the first training he threw weights around the training center. He lifted those bags of flour all the time at home. Just because his defense in the arena was to camouflage himself, doesn't mean that was all he was capable of doing.

Anyways, this has probably turned into some sort of a rant, but I just really dislike when people are so negative all of the time. We haven't even seen a snippet of a trailer yet and people are already dismissing the movie. For me, I would much rather have their portrayal of the characters be awesome, then them look exactly right. These actors haven't even been given the chance to show us their acting yet. Can't we, as a fandom, just give them that chance? Please?

What do you think about the newest cover of "Entertainment Weekly?" I would really like to hear all of your thoughts!


  1. totally agree. i hate critics and random ppl who judge movies before the even come out.

    they need to chill the heck out lol.

    PS I am buying this book on amazon now. Have heard way too many awesome things about this series!

  2. I'm with you--I think these boys are going to be amazing as Peeta and Gale (and not hard on the eyes, either!). But the true mark comes with their acting, not just their looks, as so many movies have shown us who cast for appearance's sake rather than because an actor can truly bring that character to life.



    Glad I'm not alone :) You HAVE to let me know what you think! I hope you love it :)

  4. @LoriStrongin

    You're totally right! There are so many movies where people look just like the characters they are supposed to be... but the acting is all wrong.

    Also, people STILL complain about Dan Radcliffe's eyes not being green. I just... have no words.


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