Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Video Corner: True Blood Man Candy

Why is Eric/Alexander Skarsgard such a babe? Seriously.

The same can be said for Jason/Ryan Kwanten. 


  1. He is such a babe to torture us. I did not picture him as Eric when I read the books, now I can't picture anyone but him. (Nor do I want to.)

    I keep hoping to star spot him since they film out here in Los Angeles, but no luck yet :(

    I have got to get my HBO back just to watch TB this summer.

  2. @Fiktshun

    Here is my sob story about Alex Skarsgard: So, I went to ComicCon in 2009. I went to a True Blood happy hour at a bar and it was awesome. We got 2 free drink tickets (got to keep the glasses) and some other fun stuff. It was a long day, so we left after we were through with our drinks. Who shows up after we leave? Yup, Alex. I died a little inside. I mean, I did get to see him at the True Blood panel, but it wasn't the same as being in the same bar at him. I still cry a little inside when I think about it! Ugh. I hope you get to spot him :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I would have totally died! I know, it's so different with the whole casual real-life environment situation. You can say hi, buy him a drink, talk without a million fans around. Who knows, exchange phone numbers ;) ;)

    They were filming in downtown Los Angeles when I lived there, but it was like the crack of dawn so I didn't even know or I would have hung around and waited. (It was the Godric scene on the rooftop.)

    I always miss everything, but my friend never does and they don't even care. So totally unfair.

  4. O.M.G.

    how can 2 people look that hawtttt?



    I know! They are way too attractive for their own good.. but much to our delight :)


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