Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Phone Calls from the Cast of True Blood!

HBO's marketing department rocks something fierce. They always have amazing promotions for their television shows (as does ABC Family). You can now sign up to receive phone calls from the cast members of "True Blood" (pre-recorded, no doubt, but still cool).
I know I'm excited to see who will be calling me next Sunday. :) You can sign up here! I hope Eric/Alex Skarsgard dials in first.

You can also let an application make a "True Blood" video of you and your friends. It's smart enough to grab some profile pictures and names and include them throughout the video--fun!
 Just a little photo from my trip to ComicCon in 2009 to get you excited!

Will you be signing up or making a video?


  1. Oh this is so wonderfully awesome. You're right, HBO and ABCfam totally have the best marketing, especially digital and viral. I'm in advertising and now I'm really going to consider trying to work for them!

  2. I hope you get a call from Eric/Alex and not Andy Bellefleur! They wouldn't do that, would they? That would be just M.E.A.N.

    Love your comic con pic!

  3. @Fiktshun

    hahaha! I think it's a different cast member for each episode? But, really, I'm not sure. And thank you! He was so pretty. (So is Deborah Ann Woll).


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