Saturday, May 28, 2011

Read-a-thon: 6/4/11

A week from today (June 4), I am going to be participating in a read-a-thon at Awesome Bookworm! There is still time to sign up if you want to join in on the fun.

The books I am hoping to read this week (including the read-a-thon day) are:
Finishing up the last 100 or so pages of Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
Prelude to a Hero by Jamie D. Buckley
The Grind Show by Philip Tucker
Hereafter by Tara Hudson
A Season of Transformation by Jayne Fordham
Freefall by Mindi Scott
Cloaked by Alex Flinn
Those that Wake by Jesse Karp

Just because I like this picture :)

This list is probably totally unrealistic, but meh. We'll see how it goes! Will you be participating in the read-a-thon? What does your reading list look like for the week? Let me know!


  1. Have fun on your read-a-thon! I'm doing MotherReader's 48 Hour Challenge. It also is next weekend. I would join both, but I don't think I can keep up. =O)

    I'm hosting my week long summer read-a-thon in July, High Summer Read-A-Thon, at the end of July. Be watching for more details and for sign-up.

  2. @Michelle @ The True Book Addict

    Ohhh keep me posted about the High Summer Read-A-Thon! I might be in Chicago at the end of July, but if I'm not, I would love to participate. I have a break from school in July through the end of August, so I plan on getting lots of reading done!


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