Monday, April 11, 2011

Judge a Book by its Cover: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Today we have Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling.

1. US Hardcover

2. UK Hardcover Children's

3. UK Celebratory Edition

4. UK Special Edition

5. UK Hardcover Adult's

6. UK Signature Edition

All pictures from Amazon and Amazon UK

I really like the writing and the blue cover on Number 1. It's nice how the focus of the covers on 2, 3, 5 and 6 are the phoenix. My favorite out of the four of these is either Number 2 or Number 5. If I knew nothing about the story, I wouldn't have any idea what Number 4 was trying to be. (I think it's supposed to be the prophecy... I could be wrong though.) Does anyone else think JK Rowling's signature is pretty awesome? I love how she signs the "Rowling" part. Number 1 wins for me.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. I love that you do these! I always forgot to look at the other countries covers of books and it is always interesting their take on them!

  2. @Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    Thanks so much, Felicia! You're so right, it is fun to see what other countries have as their covers. Although I guess, in this case, that the US covers are the "other country's" covers since these ones originated in the UK. That one made my brain hurt. haha Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh how cool. I am going to be boring and say I like the US once best - but I really do.

  4. @Melina

    That's not boring at all, Melina! I typically gravitate towards the US ones (and the UK adult ones for me since I own them) as well. I wonder if it is because that is what we are used to? Hm.


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