Monday, October 24, 2011

What I Would Write if V Wasn't Cancelled

I first came across the television show, V, when I was at ComicCon in 2009. We got to preview the first episode and see a panel with the stars. It was actually awesome and the show was really intriguing. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled after two seasons.
In the series finale, the 5th Column is crushed in a failed coup against Anna. A new human opposition force has entered the picture called Aries Project. All humans above ground are blissed and fall under Anna's spell just as the V Armada approaches. An evil twin Lisa has been created who seduces Tyler, becomes impregnated by him, and then murders him. Lisa, the Visitor Princess, is imprisoned after an attack on her Mother's life and Anna kills her mother Diana.
That’s all pretty crazy, right? If the show had been picked up for a third season and, magically, I was writing the next episode, I’m pretty sure it would be even crazier. Since I have been so obsessed with apocalyptic and dystopian books lately, I would make the third season premiere be doomsday for humanity. Of course there would be various survivors, leading the characters into a dystopian world. The Visitor/human hybrids would survive the apocalypse, as well as some humans and Visitors. The third season would focus on the survivors trying to make sense of this new world. The V’s would rule the world (hello, dystopia) and V/human hybrids and humans would both fall under their regime. Everyone would be terrified except for the Vs. I don’t know about you, but I think it sounds pretty good. If you could write the next episode, what would you make happen? 
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  1. I Loved "V" in both forms: old and new! Seriously back in the 80s it was ahead of its time and now it was just plain good writing. I was sad when it was cancelled too!

  2. I did NOT know V was canceled. Aw, I wish they'd have given it another season to close things out. That was way too up in the air. Maybe they'll do a 2 hour movie. That stinks.

    I loved the OLD V too, although this one was way more twisted. That Anna was one creepy V. So lizard-like in her mannerisms. Super creepy. Loved stalking that show.


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