Monday, October 31, 2011

The Iron Knight Excerpt and Q and A with Julie Kagawa

Today I have a nice little Q&A with Julie Kagawa and an excerpt from The Iron Knight for you! Enjoy. :)

Where did you get your inspiration for the physical environment of the Nevernever?
For me, the home of the fey should be beautiful, haunting, and just a little bit creepy, much like the faeries themselves.  So I took an environment and made it so that something was just a little off about it.  I wanted readers to experience the same unease as Meghan when traveling through the land of the fey.
If you had no other choice, which character would you want to step into the life of within your Iron Fey series?
It would have to be Grimalkin.  Super smart, super snarky, and can turn invisible whenever he wants.  Who wouldn't love to be a cat?  ;-)
What is your writing space like?
I have an office, with a desk in front of a window so I can see out.  Unfortunately, the window faces the rising sun, so the blinds are usually drawn because the sun blinds me, lol.  My desk has my laptop on it, several books stacked and scattered about at random, and a constant supply of empty soda cans everywhere.  Caffeine, I can’t live without it.

Thanks for the lovely Q&A! I would totally want to be Grimalkin as well. He's the best. Now, for a treat, I have an excerpt from The Iron Knight to share with you all!

“Oh, fine,” Puck sighed, tromping along behind me. “But if he’s not here, I refuse to go to the Spider Queen’s palace with you, ice-boy. That’s where I draw the line.” My name, my full, True Name, is Ashallayn’darkmyr Tallyn, and I am the last son of the Unseelie Court.
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