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Interview with Jayne Fordham-Author of A Season of Transformation

I would like to welcome Jayne Fordham, author of A Season of Transformation, to Bookland today! Thanks so much to Jayne for stopping by today. It's a lovely interview.
Thanks for having me Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn: Can you give my readers a brief description of A Season of Transformation?

Jayne: A Season of Transformation is a YA fantasy romance novel set in contemporary Australia. On the first day of autumn, five teenagers are drawn together by an unstoppable force that brings them to the Catherine Vale showgrounds, in their local town. They uncover a box with a series of letters left for them by their ancestors. They discover that they will develop abilities which they will need to use to defeat Maxvale, an ancient villain who will resurrect on the final evening of autumn. These five teenagers who are all very different from each other must put their differences aside and form a team to defeat Maxvale and save their small town from destruction.

K: I see that you're a psychologist! I studied psychology in my undergrad. Do you think that your psychology background plays a role in the character development and themes throughout your novel?

J: That’s great Kaitlyn! I have enjoyed meeting other writers/ bloggers along the way who have studied psychology too. It’s nice to see us writers come from all different backgrounds and can use this in our writing. In a way I guess it has played a role in helping me form characters in the novel. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted the characters to be at the beginning of the story. From there I had to work my way back through their lives to figure out how they got to that point. I suppose psychology came into it then and helped me to work out each of the characters’ conflicts and how they would grow throughout the story. Mostly, writing is a way for me to get away from the seriousness of my everyday work and escape into another (fantasy) world J I just wanted to describe average teenagers with everyday problems who one day wake up with special powers.

K: Did you always want to be an author?

J: I guess I have been writing on and off since I was a child. I have a collection of short stories and half completed children’s novels that I worked on as a kid. Throughout my teens I wrote stories, letters and journal entries and then it was quite a few years- not until my early 20’s that I really got serious about writing. I certainly wanted to be a writer as a child, but somehow winded up being a psychologist. I enjoy combining both of these roles through freelance writing and creative writing and of course working in the mental health field.

K: You are also a freelance writer (so cool, by the way) that specializes in health, lifestyle, and travel. What travel destination is your favorite?

J: Thanks :) Well it’s tough to say what travel destination is my favourite (sorry about the Aussie way of spelling!) because it’s more about the experience. I live in Australia and have travelled interstate, to America and south-east Asia. I guess to date my favourite country was Cambodia- such beautiful and welcoming people who have had a horrific history. In particular I loved visiting the little town of Battambang, which is off the tourist trail and provided a true cultural experience.
My plan is to make a trip to South America at the end of 2011 and I am very excited about this!

K: If you could have any of the powers that the characters in your book develop, which one would it be and why?

J: Ooh that’s a tough question! Each of the abilities is unique in their own way and would be useful in different situations. For instance when I play soccer obviously speed flexibility would come in handy! When I don’t feel like reaching over to the T.V remote control then telekinesis would be perfect haha. Oh and certainly rapid knowledge acquisition would be very helpful when studying.

K: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 5 books with you, which would you choose?

J: Hmm. Okay I would probably choose really long novels so I can drag out my reading experience as long as possible!
1.      Pride and Prejudice- I have to have my Jane Austen fix!
2.      The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice- I haven’t read it yet but it is 3 books in one and is super thick and screaming at me on my TBR shelf
3.      Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden- great aussie read although it would frustrate me that I couldn’t read the rest of the series
4.      Twilight- because no one can pay me out for reading it (again) if I am on a desert island!
5.      A Sookie Stackhouse novel- not sure which one, maybe the first one- if only they could put all 11 books in one then i could take them all

K: What authors have inspired you?

J: I have a fairly eclectic taste in reading so I read across various genres and many different authors. I guess the ones that stand out for me are Jane Austen’s classic love stories and then Australian authors such as John Marsden and Monica McInerney.

K: Who is your ultimate literary crush?

J: Okay it’s definitely a paranormal crush. I can’t decide
Team Edward (Twilight)
Team Eric (Sookie Stackhouse)… although if Alcide had a chance with Sookie then I would be team Alcide!
(Side note from Kaitlyn: yay Team Eric!)

K: Is there an interview question you have always wanted to be asked but never have been? Feel free to tell us what it is and what your answer would be!

J: Do you have an e-reader?
No I don’t, but I would love one! *hint, hint*

K: Anything else you would like to share?

J: Just want to thank you for having me on your blog and I am so glad you enjoyed reading my novel :)

Now some rapid fire questions!
K: Dog-eared books or bookmarks?
J: Bookmarks!

K: Hardcover, paperback, audiobook, or e-book?
J: Paperbacks definitely

K: Outlines or wing it?
J: A bit of both.

K: Favorite Aussie phrase?
J: “No worries.”

K: Fiction or non-fiction?
J: Fiction (I have to be in a particular mood to read non-fiction).

Thanks again Jayne! I'll be posting my review of A Season of Transformation on Wednesday!


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