Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Armchair BEA Kickoff Post

Hello everyone! I am participating in the lovely Armchair BEA. You can click the link if you're not quite sure what that is. Basically, those of us who cannot go to BEA in NYC this week are getting together to have a little BEA of our own. You will find interviews, giveaways, and other bookish fun around the blogosphere!  

If you're new here and are visiting because of Armchair BEA, welcome! I would like to introduce myself to give you all a brief background on who I am.
I enjoy taking ridiculous pictures of myself when 
I should be doing something way more productive.

*My name is Kaitlyn and I'm currently in grad school for Journalism and Mass Communication. 
*My dream job is to do social media marketing for: 1) a zoo, 2) a book company/store/publishing company/etc., 3) anything in the entertainment world.
*I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I have a weakness for YA and Harry Potter.
*I love coffee, Diet Coke, dark chocolate, and peanut butter.
*I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and will be Armchair BEA'ing from my home. I'm really excited to network with all of the other bloggers who won't be at BEA. I really hope you like what you see here and decide to stick around. Sure, the free books at BEA would be awesome, but it would also be amazing to meet a million other bloggers. Now with Armchair BEA, we can have some part of this. 
*You can always reach me on the Twitter--I'm obsessed. @KaitorTot
*I have the best friends in the world!

Are you participating in Armchair BEA? It's going to be great! Leave me a comment with your intro posts and I will come check them out. 


  1. It's great to meet you and to visit your blog. I love dark chocolate too! Once upon a time, I thought about going into journalism...then switched to a psychology major. After graduation, I got a master's in counseling. I'm a retired social worker/writer.


  2. Hi! Nice to meet you! I almost went into journalism but now am hoping to go into Library Science and information Technology.

  3. I love that picture of you and your friends! It does look like you gals have a grand ole time! :) Great to meet you too!

  4. Nice blog! I'm sorry you weren't able to go to BEA, but I'm glad I was able to find your blog on the armchair BEA site! Great stuff!

  5. Sounds like you have a fun life plan! And I love your Twitter name! Cute!

  6. Love your blog! I am planning on going to BEA next year, but for now I can enjoy it from home and meet some great bloggers.

    In The Name Of Books

  7. Hope you'll get a chance to head to BEA12 next year. If all goes well, I will not make the mistake of missing it again!

    Love the pics! And I am so glad you said dark chocolate!

    And I have to say that I can totally see the connection between landing a job doing Social Media Marketing for an entertainment company and a zoo. The entertainment world is really not much different!

    Happy armchair week!

  8. @Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow

    Dark chocolate is delicious. I'm addicted to the mini dark chocolate Reeses cups. *drool* I really enjoyed psychology during my undergrad. I even went as far as applying to PhD programs, but had a change of heart! Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. @Hillary

    Ah, Library Science and information Technology--I'm slightly jealous. Do you have tons of good plans for library programs? I bet! I just went crazy at my library book sale. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. @Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    Thanks so much! I don't know if you're a Harry Potter fan, but in the Goblet of Fire movie, Barty Crouch Jr./Mad Eye has this weird twitch where his tongue slides out the side of his mouth. We like to imitate it a lot haha

  11. @Maestra Amanda

    Awe, thank you so much! It is sad not being able to go to BEA, but meeting all of the lovely bloggers is a bonus!

  12. @Suey

    Thanks! My friend randomly called me KaitorTot one day and at the moment I was looking for a new Twitter handle, so it was perfect. KaitorTot has stuck around ever since!

  13. @Neri

    Good luck with going to BEA next year! Also, thanks for the nice words :)

  14. @Fiktshun

    BEA would be lovely next year, but I won't be finishing up grad school until the end of next summer if all goes as planned. Soooo it doesn't look too good for me. I hope you get to go though!!

    In my eyes, there really is no other chocolate besides dark chocolate!

    Haha you're so right. Entertainment world=a zoo. It's a weird combination of things, but I would be 100% happy working in any of those fields!

    Thanks for visiting :)

  15. Love the pics...they really show your personality. I was an English Major now with a Master's in Library Science but I actually have worked as a social media specialist for a SPA/SALON and I really enjoyed it. I did it at home right after I had my son. It's a great career idea that is really taking off!

    Thanks for visiting Stiletto Storytime! And have fun armchairin' it this week!


  16. Nice to "meet" you! I'm in West Virginia - not too far away from you! :)

    Have fun this week!

  17. chocolate and pb - great combo ;-D
    happy armchair bea week!
    here's me:

  18. Oooh, I minored in Journalism. It was tons of fun learning how to be a "real" reporter. Lots of work, too.

    Glad to have found you via Armchair BEA!

  19. I'm not new, but thought I would stop by anyway ;) I'm a Mt. Dew girl myself, so you can keep your Diet Coke...lol.

  20. Oh and I never heard of Dark chocolate is delicious. I'm addicted to the mini dark chocolate Reeses cups. *drool*

    Great... More chocolate to become addicted to!

  21. @Reading Angel

    You can have your Mountain Dew and I'll keep my DC and it will be perfect :)

  22. @Fiktshun

    They are so addicting. I could eat a whole bag by myself!

  23. Hey Kaitlyn! I enjoyed getting to check out your blog! I see you are a Diet Coke and peanut butter lover like me! Woo hoo! I also think your major sounds really interesting! I think you are planning for a fun/great job.

  24. I would love to work for a zoo! I love them.

  25. Dropping by to say hi! We're already connected through Twitter and thank you so much for your wonderful answers to the interview questions that I sent. I look forward to posting the whole thing tomorrow. :)

  26. @Jessi E. (The Elliott Review)

    Thank you, thank you! DC and PB for the win :) I hope my plans for the future work out! Thanks for stopping by :)

  27. @heidenkind

    I know! One day I was just sitting here and was like, "I want to do social media for a zoo! That would be amazing!!" Thanks for visiting :)

  28. When I was younger I wanted to work for a zoo. Good luck with your goals and dreams!

    Unless I'm ill or traveling (and don't have access to the internet), I post a review each and every day. Come learn more about me and my blog.

  29. @pussreboots

    Thank you so much! I will for sure come check out your blog :)

  30. Thanks for stopping by, Kaitlyn! It looks like we share a love for similar beverages...and chocolate and peanut butter. I have actually been following you for a while now. I look forward to stopping by again!

  31. great post nice to meet you! Im partial to chocolate and diet coke myself :)

  32. So happy to see/connect with you again! I had no idea about the Zoo thing, is that for real? Or just you being you? lol

    On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers thanks so much for participating! We really are so happy to have you!

  33. @Michelle @ The True Book Addict

    You can't beat chocolate, peanut butter and Diet Coke! I hope to speak with you again soon :)


    It looks like we have lots of chocolate and Diet Coke lovers here! Excellent :)

  35. @The1stdaughter

    My zoo (Pittsburgh Zoo) actually has a huge social media presence. They have Facebook days at the zoo and all kinds of things. I would love to be a part of it!

    Thank you so much for organizing ArmchairBEA--once again, it is fabulous!!


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