Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA: Interview with Jessi from The Elliott Review

Today for Armchair BEA I am welcoming Jessi from The Elliott Review! We had a lovely little interview that I would like to share with all of you. It's so much fun getting to know other book bloggers :)

Kaitlyn: Can you give my readers a brief description of yourself?
Jessi: I am a teacher who is looking for a library job. I’m a wannabe writer. I love having deep conversations and (of course) discussing literature. I’m an optimist who is too realistic and thus is sort of pessimistic (if that makes sense).

Kaitlyn: What genres are your favorites? Do you have a favorite author?
Jessi: I really like anything young adult but ESPECIALLY young adult paranormal romance or fantasy. I have a lot of favorite authors. Strangely enough, my ultimate favorite authors are not young adult. I LOVE Jodi Picoult and Chaim Potok. I wish I could combine their styles and suddenly write like them. Some favorite young adult authors are J. K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare, though there are a LOT more than that.

Kaitlyn: Why did you start blogging?
Jessi: When I was completing my library degree, I came across a couple of book blogs and always had it in my mind to start one of my own and kind of tinkered with it. But last summer I rediscovered book blogging and finally took the plunge. I guess the idea of sharing my love of books in a blog format really appealed to me, as well as getting to know authors and read awesome books I might not have found another way.

Kaitlyn: What is your favorite part about blogging? Least favorite part?
Jessi: My favorite part is getting to “meet” authors through blog tours or through Twitter, etc. The least favorite part would be when I get behind in what I need to be reading. I always feel guilty, like I’m not doing enough.

Kaitlyn: I see that you're an aspiring librarian. That is so amazing. Do you have any ideas for programs that you would like to start in a library?
Jessi: I want to work in a school library (preferably middle school), and I would love to do anything and everything to promote reading to students. I’m talking competitions, book clubs, book talks, book review site for students … Whatever it takes.

Kaitlyn: What is your favorite part about being a seventh-grade English teacher? Least favorite part?
Jessi: My favorite part is connecting with certain students. Some days I feel like nothing I do really has an effect in the long run, but there are those little moments where I can sense that maybe some exchange DID matter or DID make a difference. They are few and far between, but I love them. Also, middle school kids are a strange breed. I think there were studies done that show that what is normal behavior in that age group would be considered insanity in any other. They can’t decide if they are little kids or adults, and some really funny/crazy stuff happens. My least favorite part is when I have to (for lack of a better term) get crunk on bad student behavior. By nature I am a peacemaker, so I HATE having to be mean. But I have to on a regular basis, or things would be crazier than they already are.

Kaitlyn: What are the top 3 books you would suggest as must reads?
Jessi: That’s hard! More like top three series. The Harry Potter series. The Mortal Instruments series. And … Since it can only be three… I’m going to say the Divergent series.

Kaitlyn: Any tips for current and aspiring bloggers?
Jessi: Only sign up for tours/reviews that you are excited about reading. Just because an opportunity comes along doesn’t mean you HAVE to take it. I have learned and am still learning this the hard way. I was so excited in the beginning about any reviews that were requested, and now I have to pick and choose because I simply don’t have time to read everything. I’d love to, of course, but then I’d have to quit my job and hide from my husband in a little locked cell.

Kaitlyn: On your blog you said you have written some fanfiction. What source material did you use?
Jessi: Oooh… I love me some Harry Potter fanfiction both to read and to write… I have never finished a novel ever, but I’ve come pretty close with a story based on characters from HP. *Adjusts glasses* Yes, I am a nerd.
[Insert from Kaitlyn... I love this answer!]

Now some rapid fire questions...
Kaitlyn: Dog-eared books or Bookmarks?
Jessi: Bookmarks because they rock, but I’m not above dog-earing if there are no bookmarks around or if there is a passage I know I’ll want to read again and again.

Kaitlyn: Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook or e-book?
Jessi: Yes, please. I really like all of these. I love paperbacks the best, but I’ve started buying hard covers because I hate having mismatched sets, and when I buy new release books I want them to match with the ones I already have. I have a nook and LOVE it even though physical books are always going to be my favorite. I recently started listening to audiobooks in the car, and I like them when there is an awesome narrator.

Kaitlyn: Eat while reading or no food near your books?
Jessi: My books go wherever I go, so I do sometimes read while eating.

Kaitlyn: Book or movie?
Jessi: Definitely book, though I really like seeing movie interpretations of books. I always try to read the book first, though.

Kaitlyn: Fiction or nonfiction?
Jessi: Fiction!!

Kaitlyn:Young Adult or Adult?
Jessi:Here lately I’m more into young adult, but there are some great adult books out there.
Thanks so much Jessi! You all should check out her blog. Woo!


  1. Great questions and answers! I can't even imagine having to deal with all the craziness of teaching junior high!

  2. I agree with Alyce - props to anyone who can teach Jr High! Hope you get that librarian job soon (oh, I hope I get one soon too :)

  3. @Alyce

    Me either! I help coach a 7th/8th grade softball team, and that's enough for me!

  4. It was fun getting to know Jessi a bit more.

    I think you are so right Jessi about those 7th (upper middle grade in general) kids. They are whacked; the craziest time for parenting becuase they tend to be so hormonal, etc.

    I am not above dog-earing either but I cringe each time I do it. You have a NOOK...very cool. I do too so with that in mind, if you ever see a book I have reviewed in the e-book format that interests you know that I would not mind utilizing that lend feature with you.

  5. @ibeeeg

    7th graders can sometimes be crazy! I always feel bad though because it seems as if the "bad" ones overshadow the "good" ones.

    I never, ever dog ear books. The thought scares me haha


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