Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Mockingjay Day!

Ah, it's finally here kids. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is hitting the shelves as I type this. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon and the delivery estimate is for the 25th; however it left a location that is 5 hours from my house about a hour ago. So I'm hoping it comes later today. I've been obsessively refreshing my tracking page. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll be avoiding the blog world and the Twitter until I'm finished reading. Okay, probably not the Twitter, because I'm obsessed, but I'll try since I hate books being spoiled. Someone told me the ending of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Not okay. So if you need me, email me!


  1. Hello! I found you when you commented at WORD for Teen and thought I'd stop on by.

    I hope you got your copy of Mockingjay!! :) I couldn't wait for it either.

  2. @Sarah

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Sarah! They delivered it to me on the 24th! Granted, it was night when it got here, but I still got it on release day :) Hope you enjoyed.

  3. I got partially spoiled for HP7 and totally spoiled for Breaking Dawn. This time, I completely shut off my computer until I'd finished reading. You know how I feel about Mockingjay, though. A little warning about that one thing that made me so mad might have been useful... :lol: I SO don't mean that at all. I loathe spoilers!

  4. @morelockian

    I hate spoilers as well! I love the joy of finding out something for myself. I cringe when people ask me to spoil them haha


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