Sunday, July 25, 2010

Harry Potter Love

Okay, so you probably don't know this, but I really enjoy taking pictures. I love everything about photography. I thought today that I would share a little bit of my Harry Potter love with you all. If book pictures like these become a habit of mine, I might develop this into a series. Although, then I would have to come up with a catchy title for it... which I am obviously not good at (Batch of Library Books, anyone?). On that note, can anyone come up with a better title for that segment? I would love you for life. 

Here goes nothing..

I was with a friend and we saw a picture like this so I told her I would take one as soon as I got home :)

What is better than a little Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with a side of margs? Nothing.

That's it for now. Pointless? You like it? Stop bothering me? Let me know!


  1. cute idea! We could definitely be best buds in real life :) HP and margs = epicness

  2. Shannon, we will make it happen sometime :) <3

  3. aw, i think it's fun. I really like the first one. so cute!

    I'm horrible with catchy titles too. haha umm...

    Book Love in a Picture? Idk..


  4. Anytime you have Marg's again..Give me a hollar. I'll be there in a jiffy

  5. Thanks Lauren :)

    Will do, Cleverly, margs are one of my favorite things!


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