Sunday, October 16, 2011

IMM (13)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren and is awesome for sure.

For Review:
Two Moons of Sera by Pavarti K Tyler (Fighting Monkey Press)
The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa (Harlequin Teen, October 25, 2011)
The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan (Puffin Books, May 1, 2007)
The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan (Disney Hyperion, May 6, 2008)
Wicked by Gregory Maguire (Harper, October 31, 1995)
Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton (Harper, November 24, 2009) My Review
Insatiable by Meg Cabot (William Morrow, June 8, 2010) My Review

What did you get in your mailbox this week? I would love to know! Link me up in the comments.


  1. Hello!! you got The Iron knighit omg!!!!!
    btw, new follower here so nice to meet you my dear =)

    My IMM this week:

    And check out my awesome giveaway! three winners and 12 different books from where you can choose ^__^

    take care and happy readiiiiiiiing ^_^

  2. @Natalia Belikov @ DazzlingReads

    I can't believe I got The Iron Knight. I was so excited! Thanks for stopping by and following. :)

  3. Oooh those sound great! I'm really curious about that Meg Cabot book! I love her!!

    Enjoy the books you haven't read yet & you REALLY need to read Perks of Being a Wallflower! It's very hard not to like. It really is. It's a great realistic book about a boy who's a wallflower. He probably has social phobia or maybe is autistic, which I think is very interesting. Anywho. Enjoy!

  4. @T.V and Book Addict

    I knowwww. Perks is one of those books that I look at and go, "HOW HAVE I NOT READ THIS YET?!" I wish I could just read all day. Life would be so much easier.

  5. Really nice haul you got this week. Old follower going through the IMM post. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-books of Love Blog.

  6. Thats for stopping by my got some great reads!

  7. Wow, I had no idea Wicked came out in 1995. It sure has come a long way and he is still writing.

  8. Every one got Iron Knight this week, I still haven't read her series yet, I will!

    Happy reading

  9. Fab set! So cool that you got Iron Knight. I loved it.
    What sorority are you in? I saw the paddles in the background - Alpha Sigma Theta? Is that right? Or is it Tau? I forget my Greek.
    My IMM

  10. Great week! I still need to get to Iron Knight, but I'm excited for it to be coming up in the pile for the month :)

  11. Woah, I hadn't realized Wicked came out such a long time ago. I have it, as well as a few of Maguire's other books, but haven't gotten around to reading them. I hope you enjoy!

  12. @Kat C

    It's always a surprise when you find out a book was published so long ago--sometimes you don't even realize it!

  13. @Kristina

    I just started reading it--now that I've started, I can't believe that I waited so long. :)

  14. @Alison Can Read

    I'm excited to read Iron Knight! I still need to read Iron Queen too. Eek.

    My sorority is Alpha Sigma Tau. :)

  15. @Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    Glad to hear you liked it--I'm excited to read it. :)

  16. @Nikki

    I'm excited! I hope you enjoy them when you decide to read as well. :)

  17. Nice haul! I got The Titan's Curse this week too, actually!

  18. @Jen

    Yay! Have you enjoyed the other Percy Jackson books? I haven't started the series yet. Oops!


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